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Hassle-Free Selling Process

Looking to sell your apartment building quickly and without headaches? You’re in the right place! Private MNY Lender specializes in buying multifamily properties for cash, offering a smooth process to ensure a speedy sale. We get it – selling apartment buildings can be complicated. That’s why our team is here to simplify everything for you. Forget about the stress of listing your property and dealing with the market – with Private MNY Lender, we handle it all, from start to finish.

Smooth Transaction

Sell directly to Private MNY Lender and skip the realtor commissions while enjoying a seamless transaction. Our extensive network of investors, including over 100 Private Money lenders nationwide, means your transaction will be handled efficiently and securely. We believe in keeping you in the loop every step of the way, with clear communication and transparency throughout the process.

No-Pressure Offer

Wondering what your apartment building is worth? Reach out to us today for a no-pressure cash offer. Our team will assess your property based on its details and provide you with a fair and accurate valuation. Whether you’re ready to sell or just exploring your options, our offer comes with no strings attached. Have financial documents handy? Feel free to share them for a quicker evaluation.

Flexible Financing Solutions

In addition to buying properties, Private MNY Lender offers flexible financing solutions to meet your needs. Whether you’re a property owner looking to leverage your assets, a retiree seeking to unlock equity, a property manager with clients needing financing, or a broker interested in partnering with us, we’ve got you covered. Our customized financing options cater to a variety of situations, providing the flexibility and support you need to achieve your goals.

Get in Touch

Ready to explore your options and take the next step? Contact Freddie Avila, our Private Funding Liaison, at or fill out the form at You can also reach us directly by calling 310.940.8886. Visit for more information and to connect with our team. With Private MNY Lender, selling your apartment building has never been easier or more rewarding.